1987.0487.062 Texas Instruments Collection Object

SN530 Integrated Circuit, Flip Flop - 1964
TI number: G00410

This SN530 has a date code of 412, 12th week of 1964, which indicates it was one of the earliest production devices of series. The initial devices of the series were announced in early 1964. The circuit is a Single-phase J-K Flip-flop with preset.

The SN53/73 circuitry was modified diode transistor logic (DTL) in which transistors replaced conventional diodes to improve performance compared to DTL circuitry. This series was not interchangeable with the standard 930 DTL IC's. The SN53 series was specified for military applications with a free-air operating temperature range of -55 degrees to +125 degrees C. The SN73 series was specified for industrial applications with a range of 0 degrees to +70 degrees C. The SN53/73 series remained in production to the mid 1970's.

Related material in collection: G00293.
Texas Instruments (Gerald McGee, Charles Phipps.)

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