1987.0487.068.02 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Integrated Circuit Test Board - 1959-61
TI number: G00398

These boards are one of the first designs of a test board to handle IC's in the flatpack (1959-61). The design preceded that represented by L00396 and required the device to be soldered in place.

The type IC soldered to each board is not known, but each is in the original solder seal package. The meaning of the numbers is not known, but they apparently were for identification in testing. In that period, the limited number of IC's made this method of mounting reasonable. This board provided a convenient and protected means of handling these somewhat fragile new packages, although their removal required care. Experience led to the design of the spring clip board.

Related material in collection: L00230, 396.
Texas Instruments (Bill Brower, Jim Hull, Charles Phipps.)

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