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Speak & Spell Learning Aid - 1978
TI number: S00324

Speak & Spell is an innovative talking learning aid for children introduced by TI in June, 1978. This item is a preproduction model built just prior to introduction at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show.

The white top case is probably from the proof run for that part. The IC's do not have date codes. This unit had a minor modification to resolve a ROM design problem which was corrected prior to production. Speak & Spell offered an entirely new concept in speech reproduction for "speaking toys". Word models are stored in a 128K read-only memory (ROM). The unit pulls a word as directed from the memory, processes it through an integrated circuit and speaks electronically through a standard speaker. TI's Solid State Speech which was developed for Speak & Spell was the first low-cost, mass produced unit which produced speech electronically. In this unit, the IC's do not have symbolization. The production units with the ROM correction used two ROM's, TMC0351 and TMC0352, a TMC0281 Speech Synthesizer and a derivative of the TMS1000 microprocessor. The latter processes the word algorithm and drives the light emitting diode optical array. Artifact Historical File items: Design case history: Speak & Spell learns to talk by Gene Frantz and Richard Wiggins - IEEE Spectrum, February 1982. TEXAS INSTRUMENT, INC. - EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS, Harvard Business School Case Study, 1982 (DRAFT).

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Texas Instruments (Gene Frantz.)

front view Speak & Spell Learning Aid
front view
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back view Speak & Spell Learning Aid
back view
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side view Speak & Spell Learning Aid
side view
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