1987.0487.082 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Rectifier - 1964
TI number: G00353

This is an example of a silicon rectifier designed in 1952 by TI for the U.S. Air Force. It was to be used as a direct replacement for 5R4 or 5U4 vacuum tubes. The 405 date code indicates it was manufactured in February, 1964.

The rectifier is a full wave 1500V 50mA device with a base to fit the tube socket. On a pin circle having pin 8 missing, pins 1 and 6 are anodes and pin 7 the cathode. The other pins are blank. It contains two diffused junction silicon chips. The steel can was induction soldered to the base. The applicable military specification was MIL E1/1275 USAF.
Texas Instruments (Bob Wallace.)

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National Museum of American History

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