1987.0487.085 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Rectifier - 1955-6
TI number: G00356

This device is a sectioned example of the first TI epoxy encapsulated silicon rectifier design. The initial packaging work was done in 1955-6.

The process started with round (Cavitron cut) silicon die and silver nail head leads. The die contained a diffused junction, and the leads were attached by means of lead silver eutectic solder. The die area was coated with a silicone varnish and potted in two B stage beads. The assembly was put in a black nylon sleeve and placed in a vacuum oven where the beads flowed under heat to complete the sealing. The project led to the 1N2069, 1N2070, and 1N2071 rectifiers.

Related material in collection: G00357-9.
Texas Instruments (Obie Draper, Vic Machette, Bob Wallace.)

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National Museum of American History

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