1987.0487.088 Texas Instruments Collection Object

TI number: G00359

This item is a TI prototype epoxy encapsulated silicon rectifier from the early 1960's. It represents another step in the evolution of epoxy encapsulation of silicon rectifiers at Texas Instruments.

Gold plated serrated kovar leads replaced the silver leads for cost reduction. A woven fiberglass sleeve was coated with silicone varnish and slipped over the rectifier prior to the transfer molding operation to relieve the mismatch stress caused by the epoxy. Improvements in processing resulted in the introduction of the 1N4001-7 in late 1964 or early 1965 to super cede the 1N2069-71; and, by the late 1960's, a smaller molded package was introduced.

Related material in collection: G00356-8.
Texas Instruments (Obie Draper, Vic Machette, Bob Wallace.)

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National Museum of American History

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