1987.0487.104.01 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Tachometer Driver Integrated Circuits
TI number: G000367

This device represented one of TIL's first major automotive engagements. The circuit performs the frequency to voltage conversion required to display the revolutions of a car's engine or drive shaft on an analog voltmeter.

The technology is standard N+bipolar with DUF, epitaxial collector, diffused isolation, diffused base/emitter and aluminum metallization. The device was developed in 1970-1, and production began about 1973. Starting in 1975, 500K units have been shipped annually, with shipments expected to continue into the 1990's. Several other devices having only slight specification variations are available from TIL. See the Artifact Historical File for additional information.

Related material in collection: G00368, Z00369.
Texas Instruments (Barry Cooper, Dave Cutler.)

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