1987.0487.105.02 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Integrated Circuits - 1966-7
TI number: G00372

This circuit and the 2N2322 were probably the first ALU designs made in TI. The designs were done in 1966-7, using standard TTL; and production continued until 1979-80.

These devices illustrate the international nature of the TI semiconductor operations. They were designed for and used in a Nixdorf computer. The program was sold by TID; circuits were designed by the IC design group in Dallas, and product was then manufactured and shipped by TID. However, the symbolization of these units indicate they were assembled by TIL in 1979. The companion units, G00373, show Freising (TID). See the Artifact Historical File for additional information.

Related material in collection: G00373.
Texas Instruments (Walter Bucksch, Guenter Heinecke.)

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