1987.0487.107.01 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Integrated Circuits - 1970
TI number: G00380

These devices are samples made in early 1970 in the MOS Design Center in Nice. The process was called SAMNOS for self aligned MNOS. The technology was based on the masking efficiency of the silicon nitride which was used as a diffusion mask and an oxidation barrier.

The process was described by Bernard Bazin in SOLID-STATE ELECTRONICS, 1972, Vol. 15. A patent for the process was issued in France in 1972. Copies of the article and the patent are in the Artifacts Historical File. The design used was that of an earlier device, a quadruple decade counter with memory. Bar size is 111 x 94 mils. The performance of both were similar except that the maximum input frequency was doubled for the SAMOS version. See the Artifacts Historical File for additional information.

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Texas Instruments (Jean Lesieur.)

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