1987.0487.108 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Wafer Integrated Circuit
TI number: G00381

The two slices are from the engineering work on the development of a semiconductor TV channel switch. The work was done by TID in Freising from mid 1971 to mid 1972. The customer was Grundig.

The switch was designed for eight TV channel which could be selected randomly. To achieve this function, four chips were required, two analog switch and two control chips derived from two master chips with lead pattern alterations. Two 28 pin packages, each with an analog and a control chip, were used. These two slices contain SN16781 Analog Switch chips (.102" x .076") and SN16837 Control chips (.103" x .122"). Processing was standard TI linear bipolar. The SN16837 was a reservation on the original chip, the SN16775, but was not used in full production because of a complete chip set redesign. Design work started August, 1971; the first packaged samples were available October, 1971. Production shipments were started in mid 1972 with the revised chips and has been continuous to date, June, 1986. Patents were secured both in Germany and the United States. See the Artifacts Historical File for additional information.
Texas Instruments (Walter Bucksch, Guenter Heinecke.)

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