1987.0487.110.01 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Integrated Circuits
TI number: G00382

These devices are prototypes of the TMS3536 Video Display Processor developed by TI France. Its function is to provide signals required for display of alphanumeric characters, block graphics, and graphics defined on a dot by dot basis.

Details of the application and performance of the TMS3536 are contained in brochures in the Artifact Historical Files. Development was started in 1979, first material was received at the end of 1981, first full spec samples were made in early 1982 and production was started in 1983. This product is a good example of the international operations of TI. The design and assembly was done by TIF in Nice, the development slices were processed by TIJ at Miho and production slices were started at TIJ Hatogaya. Production of the TMS3556, a slight modification of the TMS3536 continues in 1986. Copies of French patents covering the device and system are in the File. Applications were also filed in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the U.K. and the U.S. See the Artifacts Historical File for additional information.

Related material in collection: G00383.
Texas Instruments (Gerard Chauvel, Jean Luc Villevielle.)

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