1987.0487.132 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Germanium Transistor Demonstration
TI number: G00436

This item is part of the amplifer for a 45 rpm record player which was used in demonstrations of the tolerance silicon transistor have for high temperatures. The circuit on this paddle contains germanium grown junction transistors.

A companion paddle using some of the original experimental silicon transistors was also used in the demonstration. The record player was operated using the germanium paddle which was then dipped into a beaker of hot oil. As the transistors heated up, the sound died out. The silicon amplifier paddle was then connected and the procedure repeated. In this case, as the transistors heated up the sound continued with no change. This equipment was first used by Gordon Teal in his May 10, 1954, talk in which he announced that TI had silicon transistors in production. The demonstration was repeated numerous times for customer visits and trade exhibits. The silicon paddle and the 45 rpm record player have been lost in the interim moves and shuffles. For additional information, see the copy of Teal's talk at the 25th Anniversary Observance Transistor Radio and Silicon Transistor. The booklet is in the Artifact Historical Files under Z00107-8, G00124 and G00436.

Related material in collection: G00124.
Texas Instruments (Willis Adcock, Gordon Teal.)

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