1987.0487.133 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Silicon Planar Transistor - 1970
TI number: G00407

This item is an example of the first significant planar transistor made at TI. The work was done in 1961.

The planar process was invented at Fairchild Semiconductor in 1959. This process capability, which was developed at TI in early 1961, solved surface generated problems and resulted in major improvement in yield and reliability. TI produced transistors for the Polaris and Minuteman I programs with this process, which became standard for all small signal and most power transistors. Included is a drawing illustrating the chip construction. The display was part of the original South Building lobby exhibit. The transistor shown is a 2N1893, a JEDEC registered type number, which was one of the first TI planar types. The chip is representative of the type used for Polaris and Minuteman I. The transistor shown has a date code of 009 (ninth week of 1970). At the time of this documentation, a search is being made for a transistor manufactured nearer to the date of the introduction of the process.
Texas Instruments (Mort Jones, Jim Naygaard.)

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