1987.0487.164.09 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Integrated Circuits - 1974-6
TI number: G00412

These IC's were engineering samples built during the development phase of the program, 1974-1976. These are beam lead chips as shown by the uncapped devices. The non-hermetic package was temporary for testing while an adequate carrier was being developed, indicating these were early units.

A total of 13 radiation hardened beam lead IC's were developed by TI for the Lockheed C4 Poseidon program, but the production order was lost to competition on price. A conformal coating was used in the temporary packages for protection during environmental testing. Later, a chip carrier was developed to replace the package for all testing. Acceptable chips were removed for the carrier and mounted and shipped on glass.
Texas Instruments (Bill Brower, John Morrison.)

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