1987.0487.214 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Master Slice Wafer Integrated Circuit Display
TI number: G00249

This item is one of the displays used in the mid 1960's to promote the Master Slice concept developed by TI. In addition to briefly describing the concept, key production steps are illustrated.

The display has the original title of SOLID CIRCUIT Semiconductor Networks under which TI introduced integrated circuits. The master slice idea was to provide a means of producing a new custom IC with a minimum of design time. For this slice design, 31 components were diffused into each bar (chip) such that a lead pattern mask was the only difference between several standard and custom circuits. Diffused slices could be the inefficient use of bar space caused the idea to be dropped in favor of efficient individual designs.

Related material in collection: G00344.
Texas Instruments (Jack Kilby, Howar Moss, Charles Phipps.)

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