1987.0487.308 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Germanium Crystal - 1973
TI number: G00322

The item is a piece of a gallium doped germanium single crystal which was part of an experiment involving a space grown crystal to study the influence of gravity on crystal growth.

The experiment was done in conjunction with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in 1973. Three identical sets of germanium crystals were prepared in SRDL and sent to MSFC. One set was melted and regrown in a zero gravity environment aboard Skylab Mission No. 2, May 25- June 22, 1973. The other two sets received the same crystal growth experiment in a normal gravity environment at MSFC. This item is from crystal 5C which was part of the latter experiment. Measurements indicated major reductions in segregation for the space grown crystals. For details of the experiments and results, see the TI Technical Report by J.T. Yue and F.W. Voltmer entitles "The Influence of Gravity-Free Solidification on Micro segregation". A copy is in the Artifacts Historical Files.
Texas Instruments (Fed Voltmer, John Yue.)

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