1987.0487.315 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Integrated Circuit - 1964
TI number: G00343

These two devices, SN1118 and SN1121, were contributed as examples of the start of the TI TTL product line. Date codes indicate they were made in the late 3rd and early 4th quarters of 1964.

The TI TTL product family, designated SN54/74, was announced in October, 1964, and production shipments started about the middle of 1965. Honeywell, St. Petersburg, was one of the first customers, and engineering devices were shipped to them in 1964 under special device numbers. Dupuis was an IC engineering technician at that time and saved these as some of the first TTL device, probably for Honeywell. Any further verification will require opening for analysis.

Related material in collection: G00294.
Texas Instruments (Ed Dupuis, Jack Kilby, Charles Phipps.)

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