1987.0487.323 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Transistorized Radio Transmitter - 1953
TI number: G00314

This transmitter was designed and built in late 1953 in the engineering model shop using TI germanium grown junction transistors. It was the first such product done at TI. It was built for and used in the ceremonies opening the enlarged Lemmon Avenue Plant on November 18, 1953.

The transmitter, built under the guidance of Don Retzlaff with Al Fox a member of the team, produced a voice actuated signal. The unit, less the battery, was in a small case with a strap to resemble a wrist watch. The antenna was wrapped around the case, and the battery was carried separately by the wearer and wired to the case. A conventional receiver several feet away picked up the signal and actuated a spark which cut the ribbon for the official opening. The batter with the transmitter is the original one. The case and antenna are lost. See Photographs PZ00086 & 7 for the event in which the transmitter was used. The November, 1953, issue of "texins" contains a brief account of the opening.

Related material in collection: PZ00085, 6.
Texas Instruments (Al Fox, S. T. Harris.)

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