1987.0487.329 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Automotive Alternator Rectifier Display
TI number: G00329

This display was made about 1956-7 to illustrate possible packaging and mounting for semiconductor rectifiers to be used for automotive alternators. These systems were just being introduced in that time period.

The aluminum plate illustrated how a rectifier could be rolled into the plate. Six units would be mounted on a plate in this manner, and the plate would be mounted on the alternator to provide heat dissipation along with the electrical connection. The copper base plastic unit could be rolled into the plate or solder mounted. The black devices provided a stud mount with a steel cap roll sealed into the top of the package. The gold plated unit used a glass-to-metal seal cap welded to the stud mounted header(base). In 1985-6, this display appears somewhat tentative. But, in 1956-7, the semiconductor industry was just begging to gain knowledge and experience with high current rectifiers, glass-to-metal seals and plastic encapsulation.
Texas Instruments (Harry Owens, Bob Wallace.)

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National Museum of American History

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