1987.0487.353 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Micromesa Transistor Display
TI number: G00052

Examples of 1959-1960 component miniaturization work which lead to the development of the TI line of micromesa transistors.

Item was part of the original S/B Lobby display. The U.S. Army Signal Corps sponsored a miniaturization program(Micro module), principally with RCA. Work on some of the transistor requirements led TI to develop a very compact package which became known as micromesa. It had wide usage in avionic and missile applications. Because of the introduction of integrated circuits, there was no production of micro module equipment. Additional information details are on the display panels.

Related material in collection: G00053-5. Display lists Bill Brower and Charles Phipps as contributors.
Texas Instruments (Bill Brower, Forest Green.)

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National Museum of American History

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