1987.0487.392 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Silicon Grown Junction Power Transistor
TI number: G00046

Represents first silicon power transistor commercially available. Introduced by TI in late 1955.

The TI 970 was given the JEDEC registration number of 2N122 and was produced into the mid 1960's. It was the same as the TI X-36 except for the package. The base was copper for heat dissipation. The rating was 120 V, 140 mA and 8.5 W at 25 degrees C. One of the units is mounted on a display and was part of the original South Building lobby display. At the time of introduction, the product life expectancy of the TI970 did not justify tooling for stamping the base. This assumption proved to be wrong, and tooling had to made to handle the volume requirements. For interchangeability, the appearance and dimensions of the package were maintained.

Related material in collection: G00040, 45, 402.
Texas Instruments (Jim Lacy, Howard Moss, Harry Owens.)

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