1987.0487.421.07 Texas Instruments Collection Object

Integrated Circuits - 1962-3
TI number: G00095

These circuits are representative of 1962-63 production. The standard package was the 14 lead flatpack, with the unused leads clipped after assembly.

This item was part of the original S/B Lobby display. The first major production of IC's was for military applications and was started with the receipt by TI of two contracts dated November 27, 1962, from Autonetics Division of North American Aviation, (now part of Rockwell International). The first called for the development and delivery of 100 each of 19 types of devices for the Minuteman II missile guidance system. Upon completion of the development, the second contract for the delivery of production quantities. This and subsequent production contracts brought sales of more than 2000 TI IC's per missile plus spares. Included with this item is a photo used by Autonetics to illustrate the major decrease in the size of the guidance system, even with greater capability than that used for Minuteman I, because of the reduction of the number of components and package size. The Minuteman II contracts resulted in improvements in manufacturing methods to ensure device reliability and in handling and testing equipment. Welding of the package improved mechanical and hermetic qualities. (See G00031.) Development of the Mech-Pak carrier, test sockets and boards, an IC tester, a lead clipper, a special welder and printed circuit boards enlarged the TI production capacity and the capability of customers to use IC's.

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Texas Instruments (Willis Adcock, Jack Kilby, Jim Lacy, Charles Phipps.)

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