Acc. 1987.0487 Texas Instruments Introduction AC# 697

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A developing collection that traces integrated circuit technology at Texas Instruments.

This collection consists of three dimensional objects, supporting documentation, and photograps.
ApplianceNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Appliance object listing

AutomobileNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Automobile object listing

CalculatorNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Calculator object listing

CameraNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Camera object listing

Circuit BoardNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Circuit Board object listing

ComputerNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Computer object listing

ControlNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Control object listing

Corporate IdentityNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Corporate Identity object listing

DiodeNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Diode object listing

DisplayNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Display object listing

FabricationNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Fabrication object listing

GermaniumNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Germanium object listing

GoldNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Gold object listing

Integrated CircuitNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Integrated Circuit object listing

Learning AidNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Learning Aid object listing

MedicalNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Medical object listing

MemoryNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Memory object listing

MicroprocessorNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Microprocessor object listing

MilitaryNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Military object listing

PackageNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Package object listing

PhotographsNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Photographs ONLY
opens in a separate window with thumbnail image selections - no text

PrintNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Print object listing

RadarNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Radar object listing

RadioNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Radio object listing

ResistorNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Resistor object listing

SiliconNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Silicon object listing

SubstrateNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Substrate object listing

ThermisterNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Thermister object listing

ThyristorNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Thyristor object listing

TransistorNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Transistor object listing

WaferNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Wafer object listing

WatchNMAH cross reference 1987.0487
Watch object listing

TI-PG00072 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1950 - TI-PG00072 photograph
SMART - Sequential Mechanism for Automatic Recording and Testing
(signed by Norman Ince)

TI-G00043 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.387
1953 - TI-G00043 documentation
Germanium Hermetically Sealed Junction Transistors, Types: 200,201,202

TI-G00046 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.391, 392
1953 - TI-G00046 documentation
Grown Junction Silicon Power Transistor, Type 970

TI-G00402 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.427
1953 - TI-G00402 documentation
Grown Junction Silicon Power Transistor, Type 970

TI-PG00085 108-13 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.399
1953 - TI-PG00085 108-13 photographs
US Patent 4,074,351 (slice) TMS1000
Family of Single Chip Microcomputers

TI-PZ00086, PZ00087 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1953 - TI-PZ00086, PZ00087 original issue
Special Open House Issue TEXINS

TI-C00170-182 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.290
1953 - TI-C00170-182 original issue & object
Internal news, RD-47-A ; Recorder with a magnetic personality
(Korean war equipment) TEXINS

TI-G00038 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.385
1954 - TI-G00038 documentation
Phototransistor, Type 500

TI-G00124 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.132
1954 - TI-G00124 documentation
Copy of   Silicon Grown Junction Transistor   from Mort Jones' engineering notebook.
Note: includes x-rays of this important technology.

TI-G00126 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1954 - TI-G00126 documentation
Spec sheet on silicon transistors, & junction diodes

TI-Z00109 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1955 - TI-Z00109 documentation
Regency radio, TR-1 the first transistor radio receiver technical data and service notes (sold for 25 cents)

TI-G00045 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.394
1957 - TI-G00045 documentation
Grown Junction Silicon Power Transistor, Type 970

TI-G00271-273 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.051
1957 - TI-G00271-273 documentation
Original response to questions of introduction of silicon transistors 2N389 G00272, 2N497 G00271 and 2N1047 G00273

TI-Z00139 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1958 - TI-Z00139 documentation
internal TI news clipping: award of the first transistor portable radio to Hal DePalma

TI-G00013 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.326
1960 - TI-G00013 documentation
Solid Circuit Flip Flop, Type 502

TI-G00087 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.339
1960 - TI-G00087 documentation
News Release: Solid Circuit Semiconductor Network Computer, 6.3 cubic inches in size, is demonstrated by US Air Force and Texas Instruments

TI-G00342 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.313
1961 - TI-G00342 documentation
Solid Circuit Flip Flop, type 503

TI-G00395 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.050
1961 - TI-G00395 documentation
Solid Circuit Flip Flop, Type 504

TI-PG00069 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1961 - TI-PG00069 photograph
Mechanization Spurs Quality, color cover caricatures of Lupinski, Trueb and Stote

TI-G00178 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.215
1961 - TI-G00178 documentation
Spec sheet on diffused silicon diodes

TI-MISC. NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1961 - TI-MISC. documentation
The Men Who Made TI (bio sketches)

TI-PL00003 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1962 - TI-PL00003 documentation
TACT Transistor and Component Tester equipment specifications

TI-PL00004 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1962 - TI-PL00004 documentation
TACT Transistor and Component Tester equipment specifications

TI-PL00067 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1962 - TI-PL00067 documentation
TACT Transistor and Component Tester equipment specifications

TI-G00088 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.340
1962 - TI-G00088 documentation
Integrated Circuits, hermetic sealed package
(Jim Lacy’s hand written note included)

TI-MISC. NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.340
1962 - TI-MISC. documentation
IC Moly Gold Metalization Development

TI-G00099 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.426
1964 - TI-G00099 documentation
News Release: Molecular Optoelectronic Multiplex/Chopper Announced by Texas Instruments (xref PEX3002)

TI-G00206,294, 343 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.128, 314, 315
1964 - TI-G00206,294, 343 documentation
News release: TI Announces new Series Of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Combining High Speed And Low Power Advantages -- Solid Circuit Series 54

TI-G00372, 373 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1966 - TI-G00372, 373 documentation
Specs for NIXDORF Adder Arrays (One Bit registered arithematic logic Unit, SN2321 & SN2322)

TI-G00380 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1969 - TI-G00380 documentation
First Auto-Align MOS GATE I/C created in Nice 1967, includes SAMNOS TECHNOLOGY, Solid-State Electronics, 1972, Vol.15, pp.649-651 and prelim. schez.

TI-G00110 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.002
1969 - TI-G00110 documentation
HAL-9 Computer
A Brief and Probably Not Very Accurate History of the HAL-9 Computer by Ed Mills. (a very enlightening story from inside TI)

TI-Z00107-8, G00124 & 436 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.132
1970 - TI-Z00107-8, G00124 & 436 documentation
25th Anniversary Observance - transistor radio and silicon transistor, talks & speakers: Jonsson, Haggerty, Adcock, Teal, Sangster, Tudor, Harris and Shepherd

TI-G00183-185 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.042, 189, 276
1970 - TI-G00183-185 objects
Actual memo using TI4021 1K x 17bit DRAM on 2" slice

TI-G00367, 368 and Z00369 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1970 - TI-G00367, 368 and Z00369 documentation
SN76810P TACHNOMETER Integrated Circuit. Represents first major automotive engagement. Includes TI notations, editing notes and modifications.

TI-Z00408 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1970 - TI-Z00408 documentation
Cannon POCETRONIC Calculator, s/n 3031630 hand held portable printing calculator

TI-G00123 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.293
1971 - TI-G00123 documentation
News Release: Standard calculator on a Chip TMS1802NC and includes TI Bulletin CB-143 MOS/LSI TMS1802NC One-Chip Calculator Circuit

TI-P00233 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.160
1971 - TI-P00233 documentation
"Hot off the press" KLIXON Time Delay Relay series 600 spec sheet

TI-G00105 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.282
1972 - TI-G00105 documentation
SILICON, sculptures called spacial absolutes combines a dual sophistication of art and technology in an unlikely material. It is reported that about 200 pieces were made and signed by the sculptor, Alberto Collie.

TI-S00114, 295 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1972 - TI-S00114, 295 documentation
News Release: Texas Instruments Enters Calculator Market With Three New Electronic Calculators (TI-2500 four function, ~$120 US dollars; TI-3000 four function, 8 digit w/gas discharge display ~$85 US dollars and TI-3500 four function, 10 digit w/gas discharge display !$100 US dollars)

TI-G00132-4, 295 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1972 - TI-G00132-4, 295 documentation
EPN2100 Thermal printer

TI-G00381 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1972 - TI-G00381 documentation
Analog Voltage Switch, US Patent 3,798,468, original notes and schez.

TI-S00297 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1975 - TI-S00297 documentation
News release: Handheld Magnetic Card Programmable Calculator Announced by Texas Instruments, SR-52 ~$395 US dollars includes memory.

TI-S00131 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.297
1976 - TI-S00131 documentation
News Release: prompting desktop Programmable Calculator Announced by Texas Instruments, SR-60 multi function, scientific notation ~$1,695 US dollars.

TI-S00298 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1977 - TI-S00298 documentation
News release: New Programmable Calculators From Texas Instruments Feature Solid State Software Program Libraries, TI Programmable 57 ( with 30,000 transistors -- most powerful single chip calculator ever produced), and the TI programmable 58 and 59.

TI-S00298 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1977 - TI-S00298 documentation
additional News Release: Two TI Programmable Calculators Feature Plug-In Solid State Software Libraries, TI58 ~$124 US dollars and the TI59 ~$300 US dollars.

TI-C00417, PC00119-123 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1977 - TI-C00417, PC00119-123 documentation
Loran Navigation and VHF-FM radiotelephone, press release

TI-G00116 & 330 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.100, 195
1978 - TI-G00116 & 330 documentation
News Release: New 64K Dynamic Ram Announced by Texas Instruments (TMS4164 single 5 volt TTL compatible) DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory

TI-G00419 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.100, 195
1974 - TI-G00419 documentation
Longines LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)  brochure and press release.

TI-G00427-428 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1978 - TI-G00427-428 documentation
Technology using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Analog watch, news release.

TI-G00382, 383 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1979 - TI-G00382, 383 documentation
VDP Patent application (French), applications also filed in Germany, Italy, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

TI-G00382, 383 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1979 - TI-G00382, 383 documentation
  VIDITEXAS   graphic applications ANTIOPE, a terminal for Videotex

TI-S00324, S00432 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1980 - TI-S00324, S00432 documentation
Electronic Learning Aids, math, speech, and read.

TI-S00433 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1980 - TI-S00433 documentation
Speak and Read, news release.

TI-S00434 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1980 - TI-S00434 documentation
Speak and Math, news release.

TI-G00058, G00059 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.400
1981 - TI-G00058, G00059 documentation
US Patent 4,074,351 (slice) TMS1000 Family of Single Chip Microcomputers

TI-L00143 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.433
1981 - TI-L00143 documentation
News release: Texas Instruments Provides Low Cost Personal Access To data Base Information this was the first in a new family of personal Information Terminals - The INSIGHT Series.

TI-G00374, 375, 376 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1981 - TI-G00374, 375, 376 documentation
FLUORACTOR - aka: Amplified Gate Connection, includes a (30 page) publication (and schez.) concerning Starter Circuit For A Fluorescent Tube Lamp.

TI-G00377, 378, 379 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1981 - TI-G00377, 378, 379 documentation
Transient Suppressor, includes TI Case No.TIL-9038, improvements in and relating to Semiconductor Junction Devices.

TI-S00456-60 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1981 - TI-S00456-60 documentation
First Talking learning Aid for PreSchool Children, news release.

TI-G00370 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1983 - TI-G00370 documentation
E-Beam Direct Write/Right Gate Array = SLM Single Level Metal

TI-G00100, G00430-1 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.194, 167, 168
1984 - TI-G00100, G00430-1 documentation
MMIC Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits:
An Historical Perspective, IEEE Vol. MTT-32, No.9
Note: includes 8x10 black and white photo of McQuidly, et al, of the Schottky-barrier diode in X-band mixer.

TI-C00245-8 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.042, 151
1984 - TI-C00245-8 documentation
The whole story about ASC's Shut Down Forever at 2pm Feb. 1, 1985 Advanced Scientific Computers.
Note: includes 2 color and 1 black and white photograph.

TI-G00107-8, Z00109 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.265, 266
1984 - TI-G00107-8, Z00109 documentation
The Secret Sixth-Month Project: why TI decided to put the first transistor radio (REGENCY) on the market by Christmas 1954 and how it was accomplished.
Retrospective SOLID-STATE

TI-P00234 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1985 - TI-P00234 documentation
TT message from Haug to Lacy; provenance for US Patents 2,793,270 and 2,231,717 for the 912 Control used with fry-pans.

TI-P00238-241 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.285, 286
1985 - TI-P00238-241 documentation
TT message: Subject: Spencer Thermostats, ca.1931 re: KLIXON
Note: includes original notes and signatures.

TI-S00476 and 475; S475-6 NMAH catalog number 1987.0487.285, 286
1985 - TI-S00476 and 475; S475-6 documentation
Speak and Music, Little Maestro, Press Release.

TI-Y00384, PY00095 and PY00096 NMAH cross reference 1987.0487
1985 - TI-Y00384, PY00095 and PY00096 documentation
DARPA Award: Defense Advanced Research Project Agency MMIC Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit.

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